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It's all about the butts, Enjoy great full feeling and great length from Love Toy Anal bumper.
Smooth, flexible and very girth, this is a challenge to take even advanced anal toy users to thrilling new places.
You would be well impressed once got it all in. It feels so great to grind on because of its weight to insert. If super-size portions and mega-satisfaction are your go-to choice on the anal play menu, this is the butt plug for you

Material: antibacterial, non-phthalate PVC material, Totally body-safe.

Features: Strong suction base for handsfree fun. Great full feeling thanks to its design, Perfect for advanced anal toy users

Length: 8.5 inches.Insertable Length: 8 inches.Circumference:7 inches.Base diameter: 2.6 inches

Powerful suction cup means hands-free solo adventures are on the horizon.

Coat in plenty of water-based lubricant for seriously wet and stimulating sensations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Great quality, perfect firmness.

Great quality butt plug. The firmness of the head is not too hard that it will stab your partner, but also soft enough to play with.

Not for beginners

I’m not much on depth, but fulness is what I like. And this thing didn’t disappoint! Still haven’t taken the whole thing, almost though.


Quick delivery and the wife loves it lots! She said it's just perfect! :) She likes it lots! She's happy and content. A quality product! :)

I think I just killed my butt

This is a great product as the ripples add extra stimulation, also once its in it stays in place for the most part. I would recommend it to medium and advanced players. Great quality material and nice packaging.


It's ok, you can have a try.

It's huge and extremely fun

It's huge I just got it today I already try out but could only get about 3/4 of it into me but will keep trying until I get it all way in I love try to get all things I can in my ass.I finely got the whole thing in my ass and gave me the feeling of being stuffed with three dicks at once, and now I could get my boyfriends to give me that fulfilling I would be happy.

A Big Step Up In Size!

So I bought this plug realizing it was 3" diameter. Up to this point the biggest plug I had was 2.5" in diameter. I figured another 1/2" was doable. It's a big jump. It took me quite a while putting my whole body weight to get it all the way in and several different attempts. The bigger size is literally a stretch. The round base is okay if you want to suction base but it makes it more difficult to get all the way in as it pushes against your butt cheeks so you need to spread them to get it by for the last push. Once I got it all the way in my ass though it feels great. It fills you all the way up. After my first success I put a bigger toy back in and it fell out at 2.5" because my ass was so stretched out. In order to stretch your ass enough to get a bigger plug in I start with a slightly smaller one. After it's been in for a while stretching my ass I lube up the larger one and sit on it. I then "ride" it up and down until I hit the point where it starts to hurt. I do this for maybe 10 or 15 minutes in and out. The next day I do the same thing. I do it until my ass gradually stretches enough to get the plug totally in without any pain. It may take a couple days or a week but it will eventually go in without pain. Just take your time and enjoy!

Wish it was bigger.

Not big enough. Texture is great.

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