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The super-soft vibrating silicone penis sleeve feels like a second skin -- only better. Super-realistic penis extension sleeve, for an increase of 1.5 inches in length and 50% increase in girth.

Super comfortable and snug, one size fit all. Get bigger in no time!!

It includes with Single speed bullet for extra thrilling stimulation

Remember that It is totally different from solid silicone on the market.far better!!

Material: Proudly made of  liquid silicone

Extends penis and enlarges entire girth. offering an extra 1.5 inches in length and 50% increase in girth, Designed to wear during intercourse

Stretchy, safe and comfortable, Odorless

Total length:7” Width: 1.8 inches. Insertable length: 5.5”. Inner diameter: 1.2 Inches

It includes with Single speed bullet for extra thrilling stimulation

Size may vary slightly since of handmade work

Customer Reviews

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Five thumbs up!

My husband and I love to try new things so we bought this toy. The silicone is very high quality and the vibrations from the ring feel AMAZING!! If this is something you are interested in you will not be disappointed with this product.

Get deeper

Gave my SO a few extra inches and felt great for me and him. Didnt take away to much feeling for him and he really enjoyed the extra inches.

Good value

Didn’t fit quite as expected. A bit thin to fit my size. Once I got through the trouble of getting myself inside, my wife loved it and it had enough suction not to slip off.

Fits like a glove :)

It works and we is happy

This one works!

I have bought a few of these types of products in the past to impress the wife but they have all fallen flat. I am average on the size scale, but thought something like this would spice things up every once in a while. Some products are way too large, I wanted something to make me just a little bigger. Of products I've purchased prior they're either way too big (for her) or are made of a material that's too hard, doesn't feel natural, and completely kills sensitivity for me.

This product is a winner. The material is very "squishy" It is extremely stretchable so will fit most sized guys. Because it is so flexible, it feels more like the real thing for her (just bigger) and again because it is so flexible, I do still retain sensation while wearing it. You may or may not be able to 'finish the job' with it on (sometimes I do, sometimes I don't), but you will still get enough sensation to stay firm. The wife likes the vibe/bullet insert at the base as well.

Note that because this isn't very rigid on its own, it isn't a good fit for someone with ED - you *do* need to be firm for it to be effective and stay on.

As some other reviews have said, to put it on, simply roll it in on itself until you get to the end of the inside. You'll want to keep the vibe bullet out when you do this. Place it over yourself, then roll it down like you would a condom - then insert the bullet if you want to use it. This isn't exactly a graceful procedure and rolling it up takes a little bit of work, so if you want to be quick about putting it on in the heat of the moment without killing the mood, it wouldn't hurt to have it rolled up and ready to go for showtime.

Considering I've probably bought 4 or 5 similar products and they all fell flat as far as the wife's satisfaction (and that's what it's for!), I would definitely recommend this if you're looking for one of these products.

Just a word of caution though - if she's used to 'natural you', go slow the first time us...

Good product

Bought this to try something different with the wife. I'm not lacking but I figured what the heck, a couple more inches can't hurt. This thing is soft to the touch everywhere but the head which is firmer (as you'd expect) and fits me quite tight so you have to roll it on like a condom. The head is quite a bit smaller in diameter than I am personally but better for entry and I bought it for the extra length not girth anyway so it's not an issue. The only complaint I have is the head is painted/dyed red. The attached vibrator is pretty decent as well and you can actually replace the batteries when needed.

Finally a feel and look real extension that works!!!!

Great addition to the toy collection, I have used many of these and none are as realistic feeling as this one is, adds a little length(actually could be longer as too short ) but with that said it makes a noticable difference !! My wife does not usually like thes but she loves this one says it's as real as she's felt, all things considered a very good long lasting product, and I love it and the wife loves the extra oomph !!!!!

Even better than expected

If you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, this thing may as well be a ghost pepper. It's fairly big by average standards, but not unwieldy. From the male perspective, it's comfortable, with surprisingly little loss of sensitivity. When I asked my wife what she thought of it, she huffed and gave a thumbs up. It's pretty fantastic.

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